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About The Scandal

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that

"when it comes to massage therapy and sexual misconduct allegations in Georgia… 25 of the 26 sexual misconduct complaints lodged with the state over the past three years resulted in zero public disciplinary action."

As Secretary of State, Brian Kemp's office has oversight over massage therapists.


But after a therapist pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman during a massage, Brian Kemp's office RENEWED the therapist's license. Worse, the therapist had a pattern of sexually assaulting women.


Worse? Kemp took campaign contributions from a former franchise owner of one of the spas involved.


As Secretary of State, Brian Kemp has always done what’s best for him, even if it’s bad for Georgia.

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Brian Kemp is doing what’s best for him, even if it’s bad for Georgia. Kemp's office is responsible for licensing of massage therapists. Brian Kemp's office did not take action on 25 of 26 sexual assault claims made against massage therapists. 


Kemp is also responsible for the professional licensing of a broad range of professionals in our state: nurses, dietitians, barbers and cosmetologists, psychologists and more in addition to massage therapists.


Georgians deserve better than Brian Kemp, and this massage scandal is by no means an isolated incident.





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Further Reading

Read the press accounts of the Georgia Massage Scandal

WSB-TV, 11.17.14

“Investigative reporter Aaron Diamant talked to one woman who said while she was receiving a massage at the Massage Envy franchise on Windy Hill Road in Cobb County she was molested. She also told Diamant she learned her alleged attacker had previous complaints of misconduct against him.” [Read More]


Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7.9.18

“The concerns about Kemp center on two Massage Envy clinics that face at least four complaints of therapists groping women during massages. The Board of Massage Therapy, under Kemp’s purview, has not sanctioned or revoked any of the accused therapists’ licenses, even though an investigator for his office looked into at least one complaint.” [Read More]


Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 6.26.18

“Dr. Patrick Greco and his partner hosted a fundraising gala for Kemp’s gubernatorial campaign at their lavish estate in the heart of Madison, in a renovated antebellum home called the Honeymoon 1851 Mansion.


Meanwhile, the two Massage Envy clinics Greco owns face at least four allegations of therapists groping women during massages. The Board of Massage Therapy, under Kemp’s purview, looked into one woman’s complaint, but none of the accused therapists’ licenses has ever been sanctioned or revoked.” [Read More]